Stop Being an Idiot!

Baru-baru ini saya mendapati beberapa lagu yang telah diunggah pada beberapa websie dikonversi ulang untuk menghasilkan bitrate agar mampu mengelabuhi pengunjung bahwa apa yang mereka hasilkan berkualitas tinggi. Pemalsuan ini sering dilakukan oleh beberapa website agar mereka dikenal sebagai website yang hanya mengupload file dengan kualitas baik (320kbps).

Lately we realized that a few new albums/singles that have been uploaded by other websites are all mostly converted to produce higher bitrate to accommodate users about higher quality music. Usually these steps are done by websites who wants users to recognize them as a site that produce/upload high quality music.

Jika kamu tidak mementingkan kualitas dari sebuah lagu, maka kamu dapat mengabaikan tulisan ini karena artikel ini ditujukan hanya bagi para pengguna yang peduli dengan kualitas. Pada umum nya, berkas suara terdiri dari 2 hal yaitu Lossy dan Lossless (silakan cari pengertian nya di internet, kami tidak akan membahas tentang lossless). MP3 merupakan berkas lossy yang memiliki bitrate paling tinggi 320kbps. Semakin kecil jumlah bitrate (256, 192, 128, 96, dll) maka kualitas suara juga semakin menurun. Mengubah menjadi file yang awal nya 192 atau 128 menjadi 320kbps tidak akan mengubah kualitas nya. Tentu saja, itu hanya akan memperbesar kapasitas file tersebut.

If you are not that kind of person that cares for quality, then you can ignore this entire article because this is written for those users who cares about quality than speed. In general, music files are made up of two type, Lossy and Lossless (which you can google it and check out the meaning because we won’t be explaining about lossless).

MP3 is one type of lossy file type with different kinds of bitrate with the highest being 320kbps. There’s also smaller bitrate like 256kbps, 192kbps, 128kbps or 96kbps. Because of the fact that the bitrate is smaller, the file size also got smaller. That’s not only it, smaller bitrate also mean the ‘details’ about the music also got lesser, hence the quality of the music drop. Bitrate means how much ‘details’ the music file contains, the higher the bitrate, the more the ‘details’ contained which also leads to higher quality music.

So if someone or some group of people convert file that was originally ripped in 192kbps to 320kbps, the quality of the music would not change. Why? Think about this way, when you delete something from your computer, and after you clear your recycle bin, can you get it back? Or when you accidentally threw away something into the rubbish bin, and the rubbish truck already came to pick it up, can you get it back? Or when you buy 3 pieces of chicken from a shop, can you magically make it into 5 pieces of chicken? The answers are mostly no.

If one part of the music file have been deleted, there is no way you are getting it back. So converting from 192kbps to 320kbps does not do anything, it just increase the capacity of the files (aka increasing the file size also) and most time the volume of the music file also increased.

Pemeriksaan pada sebuah file apakah 320kbps murni atau tidak hanya dapat dilakukan dengan sebuah perangkat lunak, sebagai contoh kami menggunakan perangkat lunak penganalisis spektrum yang disebut “spek” (download).

Kami akan memberikan satu contoh sederhana bagaimana mengetahuinya.

Due to all those reasons above, we usually check whether is the file is a genuine 320kbps. We use this program called ‘spek‘ that check and analyse the spectrum of the music file.

We will give a basic example on how this program works.

Picture 1 (Genuine 320kbps)
Picture 2:  320kbps converted into 128 kbps
Do you see the differences in the spectrum? When a file is converted from 320kbps to 128kbps, the file loses spectrum and try compressed as much as they can into the smaller file, hence the quality of the music also drops from there. 

Picture: 128kbps converted into 320kbps
Dapatkah kau melihat perbedaan nya? 

Berhenti lah untuk menjadi bodoh, jangan mudah untuk ditipu oleh website – website palsu yang menyediakan 320kbps palsu. Pastikan untuk selalu memeriksa apakah berkas yang telah kamu unduh 320kbps murni atau hanya versi transcode. Segampang itu kah kalian bisa ditipu oleh mereka? 
Salah satu website yang nakal menulis pada halaman nya tertulis bahwa itu adalah 320kbps, dan ketika diperiksa ternyata itu hanya 320kbps palsu, lihat gambar di bawah ini.

Do you see the differences?

Stop being stupid or an idiot. Do not get cheated by other sites – sites that provide fake 320kbps. Always make sure to check your files that you have downloaded whether is it genuine 320kbps or the converted version. Are you that easy to be fool by them? There’s also certain website that actually write down that the file is in 320kbps, but after being checked, it’s actually a hoax, a fake, a converted version. This is proven from the picture below. 

Now, what would you like to say?

We are a site that provides high quality music, hence sometimes we are slow because we rather sit down in front of our computers and wait for days for real and genuine quality picture than converting it from smaller file size. This is called cheating. 

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II Original Soundtrack

英雄伝説 閃の軌跡II オリジナルサウンドトラック

Released: Nov 26, 2014
Catalog No. NW10103320
Disc 1: TF / UP
Disc 2: U2B / ZS

≪Disc 1≫
01 Ash Colored History 2:15
02 Senkou no Yukue -Opening size- 2:14
03 Wintry Arrival 3:06
04 Heated Mind 2:05
05 Impatient 1:37
06 Still Countryside 3:25
07 Reunion 2:40
08 Ymir Valley Road 2:47
09 The Great Shadow Approaching 2:17
10 Awakening 2:50
11 The Witch of the Abyss 2:47
12 Crossing Over the Horrors of War 2:33
13 Trudge Along 1:58
14 Bring up Trust! 2:36
15 Spirit Cavern 2:02
16 Law of the Battlefield 1:40
17 Severe Blow 3:33
18 Gambling Strike 1:24
19 Relief Towards Tomorrow 2:13
20 The Warmth of Soaking One’s Feet 2:29
21 Chasing After the Mountain Hare 2:00
22 Blitzkrieg 2:15
23 ALTINA 3:20
24 Majesty 1:40
25 Take The Windward! 1:46
26 Transcend Beat 2:33
27 The Giant Silver Ship 2:36
28 Forward, With Determination 1:39

Disc 2
01 Courageous Launch! 2:20
02 Awakening Will 3:38
03 To Gamble All or Nothing 2:03
04 A Quiet Decision 2:17
05 Heteromorphy 4:08
06 To the Irreplaceable People 3:00
07 Hostilities 2:30
08 The Victory Song of the Demon King 3:20
09 Phantasmal Blaze 5:16
10 Blue Destination 4:34
11 E.O.V 5:21
12 Remaining Glow 3:29
13 Inner Twilight 3:30
14 Restored Memories 1:54
15 I’ll remember you 5:27
16 The Sunlight of Spring 2:51
17 Phantom Glimmer 3:49
18 Dream Corridor 2:45
19 To A Glimmering Tomorrow 3:25
20 For Those We Hold Dear, For Those We Love 2:33
21 The Time the Linor Flowers Bloom 2:57
22 Season of Departure 6:51

yanaginagi – polyomino

Decription: yanaginagi’s second album.
Release Date: Dec 10, 2014
Catalogue No. GNCA-1421
File Size: 208MB [SF | HF]

Disc 1:
01 polyomino -intro-
02 トコハナ

(TV Anime Black Bullet Ending Theme)
03 2つの月
04 テトラゴン
05 ファラウェイ・ハイウェイ
06 Sweet Track

(TV Program “Sukkiri!!” December Theme Song)
07 landscape
08 逆転スペクトル
09 navis
10 アクアテラリウム 

(TV Anime “Nagi no Asukara” Ending Theme)
11 三つ葉の結びめ 

(TV Anime “Nagi no Asukara” Ending Theme 2)
12 Rainy veil
13 Esse

(Japan Television Special Drama “Satsujin Hensachi 70” Insert Song)
14 クロスロード 

(Z-KAI Animated Commercial “Cross Road” Image Song)
15 polyomino -outro-

Disc 2:
01 プリズム
02 センチメンタル
03 流星ビバップ
04 月灯りふんわり落ちてくる夜
05 セルの恋
06 冬のオルカ

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Character Song 3

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Character Song 3 
Katou Megumi (CV.Yasuno Kiyono)
加藤恵 (CV.安野希世乃)
Release Date: Dec 03, 2014
Catalogue No. SVWC-70039
File Size: 89MB (w/BK) [ZS | SF | MC]

01 M♭
02 LOVE iLLUSiON (Megumi Solo Ver.)
03 M♭ (Off Vocal Ver.)
04 Message from Megumi

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Character Song 2

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Character Song 2
Kasumigaoka Utaha (CV.Kayano Ai)
霞ヶ丘詩羽 (CV.茅野愛衣)
Release Date: Dec 03, 2014
Catalogue No. SVWC-70038
File Size: 89MB (w/BK) [ZS | SF | MC]

01 Jozetsu Scandalous
02 LOVE iLLUSiON (Utaha Solo Ver.)
03 Jozetsu Scandalous (Off Vocal Ver.)
04 Message from Utaha

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Character Song 1

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Character Song 1
TVアニメ「冴えない彼女の育てかた」キャラクターイメージソング「Blooming Lily」
Sawamura・Spencer・Eriri (CV. Oonishi Saori)
Release Date: Dec 03, 2014
Catalogue No. SVWC-70037
File Size: 90MB (w/BK) [ZS | SF | MC]

01 Blooming Lily
02 LOVE iLLUSiON (Eriri Solo Ver.)
03 Blooming Lily (Off Vocal Ver.)
04 Message from Eriri