Precure Colorful Collection Kirakira ★ Citrus

Pretty Cure Colorful Collection Kirakira☆Citrus (プリキュアカラフルコレクションキラキラ☆シトラス) is the third album of the “Pretty Cure Colorful Collection” character vocal albums. It will be released on December 17, 2014. The album consists of two CDs and contains character songs for the yellow and green Cures of the franchise as well as some group songs found in different vocal albums.
Catalog No. MJSA-01133/4
265 MB (320kbps): TF // U2B

≪Track List≫
Disc 1
01 I Am Light
02 Sunset☆realise
03 ~To be continued~
04 Dreaming Girl
05 Twintail Magic ~Fling Open the Door~
06 Extraordinary! The Door of Courage
07 Green・Note
08 Trust
09 And then, the World keeps expanding
10 heart dictionary
11 no believe, no life
12 Happiness☆Wonder land ~The Gift of a Smiling Face~
13 GOLD~Heart’s Shine~
14 Heart Flower
15 Power of Shine(Super Prism remix)

Disc 2
01 The Symphony of the Sun
02 The Door of Dreams
03 Overture<Friendship Prelude>
04 100% Hero
05 Peaceful Days♪
06 Rainbow-Coloured Every Day
07 Always with a smile
09 CLOVER~Maiden’s Prayer~
10 Important Treasure
11 Happiness is the password ~Yes!HappinessCharge!~
12 A Happy Rice Love Song